Que calor! Even before 8 a.m. we could feel it was going to be a hot one. After dropping off Sofiá at Natalia’s aunt’s house, the four of us grown-ups (ahh!?) took off for Jaco, a popular beach town just two hours outside of San Jose.

On the way, we stopped at a roadside chinamo.

Agua de pipas for all of us.


Further down the road we crossed the Rio Tarcoles bridge. But not before pausing to peer over the side…

Crocodiles. Usually, a couple dozen of them can be seen sunbathing on the sandbars. This time around the water level was too high. Still, we spotted a bunch of the prehistoric brutes lurking in the coffee water.

The week before Easter (Holy Week, Semana Santa), is a vacation week for nearly all Ticos. The beach was busy, especially at sunset.

Here in Costa Rica, the sea is so much warmer than the brisk (and that’s optimistic) ocean of California. Kirk, giddy as a schoolboy on the first day of summer, slapped down $5 to rent a board and headed out into the waves.

By evening, we all had soaked up enough solar energy to power a small town for a week. Tired but content, we climbed back in the car.

Vamos la casa.