Kirk’s parents flew in from Michigan last week to visit us in sunny Carlsbad. We had a fantastic time showing them around our newfound neck of the woods.

The San Diego Zoo was one of the things on Val’s bucket list, so it was a must-do. Zoos aren’t really something I spring (financially or with zeal) to go see. I’ve always felt a bit bad for the animals stuck in their cages. But everyone makes such a fuss about the San Diego Zoo, so I’m sure Kirk and I would have gotten around to it at some point. Then again, I lived in Chicago for a year and a half and never went to a Cub’s game.

The zoo turned out to be a hit. It was probably the most memorable adventure of the week. Not many zoos have pandas either, and I have never seen a panda before. Kirk was right. He does look like a man in a panda suit. ☼