After pitching our photography services to a few real estate offices in town this morning, Kirk and I decided to treat ourselves. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store, bought a pack of hot dogs, and grilled out in the driveway.

My plate clean, I relaxed in a beach chair, and sighed contentedly. The sun had moved slowly from its zenith down into the western sky. We had three hours of daylight left. “Let’s go somewhere,” I said to Kirk.

Halfway between Carlsbad and Leucadia, we stopped alongside of the road to have a look at the ocean. Standing on the edge of the bluff, I had one of those I can’t believe I really live here moments. Groups of pelicans cruised back and forth overhead, riding the updrafts.

Farther south, we browsed a bunch of surf shops in search of an early birthday present for Kirk.

Outside in the parking lot between a couple of the shops, a crowd of skateboarders took turns weaving through a cone course. Music was jamming, and they were cooking up something tasty on the grill.

Saw this sweet ride in the parking lot too:

One last surf shop and Kirk found what he was looking for: surf boots. Surf boots protect your feet from mussels, barnacles, and sharp rocks. They also give you a little warmth. He picked out these from O’Neil.

Kirk’s birthday is in one week. I need to make some (reasonably inexpensive) plans. Any suggestions? ☼