We’ve broken the ice. Our first real estate shoot in San Diego is complete. Shot, edited and contents delivered.

Since Kirk is skiing with his Dad in Colorado this week, I took care of our first job myself. (How does he rate? Sheesh.)

Driving to the property, I was a little keyed up. I’d be using a lens that I hadn’t shot with before and a tripod that’s as clumsy to use as deflated basketball. And a bunch of other silly crap was running through my head. The camera better cooperate. The back-up battery better be holding a charge. Will the sun be shining at a favorable angle? Would the homeowner(s) be there? I hope they don’t follow me around like puppies. The place better be clean. I need to make a good impression on this realtor. Without repeat clients this boat isn’t going to float.

Let me tell you, all those little worries were for nothin’. It went pretty darn well. The realtor and I got along famously. Both him and the homeowner were at my beck and call to move whatever needed shuffling to make the shot look good, and they disappeared while I did my work. It was just dandy. At the end the realtor thanked me for my thoroughness, said he couldn’t wait to see the photos, and also said he had another property he’d want me to shoot.


Now, all I had to do was edit the photos. Hmm. Not a fan. Usually Kirk does this part. I do anything to get out of editing. I’ll cook dinner. I’ll clean the kitchen. I’ll do the laundry. I’ll pick up the apartment. Take out the trash. Get the mail. Basically, I’ll do my half and Kirk’s half of any household duties that need doing. So long as he does the editing.

If you remember, Kirk is out of town this week. I was stuck with the editing. I told Mr. Realtor that I would get him his photos next day. Off I went to the Photoshop grindstone.

It took me a rather absurd amount of time, but I finished. Have a look. ☼

4417 Arbor Cove Circle