On Friday, Kirk turned the ripe old age of twenty-seven. He didn’t like this one bit. The number 27 in particular wasn’t to blame, Kirk just has a general aversion to getting older. (Don’t we all?) Some of us accept the inevitable with grace (me), others, (cough, Kirk) would do almost anything to keep from getting older. I can’t prove it, but he might be allergic to aging. Since no amount of wishing, praying or lamp-rubbing will turn back time, what is left to do? Exploit the day for its intended purpose: celebration.

We didn’t do anything crazy. We didn’t even spend that much money or drink too many beverages. It was a fairly normal day. But, it was Kirk’s day, and we did what Kirk wanted to do. First off (after a tasty breakfast of pancakes made by yours truly) we visited one, if not The, most famous surf break in the United States: Trestles


Every year, Trestles hosts the ASP World Tour and NSSA Nationals.

The wind was kicking the waves around, so the surf wasn’t that great. We explored the beach instead.

No matter how old (or young), every birthday boy or girl needs a cake. I decided to make Kirk a cake from scratch. That morning before he woke up, I snuck out to the grocery store to pick up some last minute ingredients: cake flour, butter, sprinkles (okay, not every part of the cake was from scratch) and candles.

After getting back from Trestles, I spent the better part of the afternoon baking two 7″ x 11″ cake layers, whipping up frosting and assembling the whole mess into something pretty. While I was baking, Kirk was cooking. He put together a Portugese chicken marinade and set to deep frying chopped potatoes. The results? Pineapple & chicken sandwiches (perfectly sweet and spicy) with sides of homemade french fries and ice-cold Pacificos.

But wait, there’s cake.

And presents.

And more cake.

Maybe getting older isn’t so bad after all. ☼