Let’s be realistic. It wasn’t going to be outlandish. We’re not inventing the next Ugg boot or human jetpack. We’re not peddling wares out of a pricey storefront in downtown San Diego or equally pricey hot-dog stand on Sunset Boulevard (the latter suggestion courtesy of my friend, Ideene.)

No, Kirk and my business idea is based on skills we already have. It requires only the money we have in our checking accounts right now (little to none).

And, the idea is something we’ve already done.

Real estate photography. I spent the year of 2009 shooting periodically for the real estate investment firm Ascendance Partners while I lived in Chicago.

Kirk loves real estate. I love photography. We both have a liking for what the other loves. Awh, how cute. An economic match made in heaven.

These last two to three weeks, we’ve thrown ourselves into it. We’ve got a website up and running. We’ve hashed out a pricing scheme. We’ve written content. We’ve designed a logo. We’ve taken each other’s headshots (and realized that both of us pretty much suck at shooting portraits. We pulled many teeth to get the final photos now on the site. Mom, I know you’ll try to protest my self-criticism. Trust me, I’m spot on.) We’ve cobbled together a meager portfolio. We’ve shot random buildings in Oceanside to beef up said portfolio. (And when I say beef up, it’s a stretch.) Some of this turned out to be harder than I thought. Like that whole taking pictures with a camera thing. (Haha, kidding. Well, only somewhat.)

And we made business cards.

This is our Print Shop. Yes, we think we’re fancy.

Desktop printer + blank punch-out business card sheets = cheap and easy, right? Ehh. Sort of cheap. Not so easy. We burned through a half dozen sheets until we finally got it right.

At nearly 2 a.m… done.

P.S. We have our first job tomorrow! 4417 Arbor Cove Circle, Oceanside. ☼