It’s that rich scent in the air.

When you can smell the plants growing, and the sun makes you’re skin toasty; scatterings of old leaves lay crisp on the ground, but there is no danger of autumn because winter doesn’t tread here. The atmosphere is warm-blooded. The plants, the trees, the outdoors are alive.

Did I mention it’s January?

Oh to live in a warm climate. It’s a vacation all the time! but not exactly… I don’t feel as if I’m on vacation, but I enjoy every second in the sun and the company of every palm tree nonetheless.

I feel lucky, to have the ability to be mobile. To want to move. Many people don’t care to leave the town in which they grew up. This is perfectly fine, but there’s so much out there. If I can use my place of residence not only as a home but as a base for exploring a new locale, then an intermittent migrant I shall be.

It’s been two weeks since our arrival to the greater San Diego area. We’ve done quite a bit: went surfing, flew the kiteboarding kite, hit up Taco Tuesdays at Norte, then again the following week at The Shack, watched seals play at La Jolla Cove, biked to the beach, walked to the beach, walked on the beach at night, auditioned for Romance Cruise – a reality TV show (that was all Kirk), did yoga in the park (that was all me), explored the shoreline in Leucadia, checked out Swami’s, went out for tacos with Matt (Kirk’s friend from high school), ate sushi with Mikey (my friend from college), found out the grocery store is only a 3 minute walk away (score!), and finally, baked oatmeal cookies. Baking? Now I know I’m settling in.

Seemingly happy with our living situation, Kyle and Dana have offered us the opportunity to upgrade from temporary crashers to permanent roommates.

Kirk: “So Lauren taking out the trash last night sealed the deal, huh?”

Kyle: “Well… not really. But it didn’t hurt.”

I think I’m going to love Southern California. Now, about that pesky thing called a job… ☼