Baby, it’s cold outside. So I’ve been staying in.

Last post I talked about dusting off the inside hobbies. In addition to baking, sewing is another of my domestic diversions. You won’t, however, see me at JoAnn Fabrics buying skirt patterns, yards of argyle print or spools of lace. I’m an alterations kind of girl. I don’t make, I fix.

My bag had seen better days. The shoulder strap had almost completely disintegrated and holes were developing where I had stowed my cellphone on the inside pocket. But this was no ordinary bag. It had faithfully carried my belongings everywhere I went for the better part of high school and all through college. I couldn’t just throw it away. This bag had serious sentimental value.

I decided to overhaul it with the sewing machine. I cut out the worn parts and reassembled it into a small tote bag:

After removing the bottom panel, I cut off the bottom half of the bag, stitched up the liner on the inside and then reattached the bottom panel.

You can see where I shortened up the height of the interior pockets from the old stitch holes seen just below the pockets.

Like new, once again. ☼