“He did WHAT?!”

So said both my mom and my sister, both shell-shocked by the scandalous news. “Yep,” I said. “He kissed another girl.”

‘He’ being my boyfriend, Kirk. We’ve been together over 5 years now. After all this time, he’s gone and done something like this. Kissing some other girl. This girl to be exact:

Her name is Shannon Lucio. She’s an actress who has appeared on The O.C. and Grey’s Anatomy. And now she’s kissed my boyfriend.

And? Is it an unforgivable transgression? Kirk and I must be over, done, finito? Well, not so fast. It would be so FOX News of me to tell you just one side of the story. Here’s the whole thing:

This summer both Kirk and I signed up with a talent agency called Real Style. Since then I’ve been called to work as an extra on a Lifetime movie called Smooch, and also the TV series Detroit 1-8-7 (which hasn’t aired yet.)┬áThis Tuesday, Kirk was called to work on the movie Right Angle, which recently changed its name to Cripple. He was to play the boyfriend of the lead actress.

It wasn’t until he showed up on set that he found out exactly what he was required to do. The director asked him to walk his ‘girlfriend’ (Shannon Lucio) down some stairs and then give her a kiss goodbye. And do it like 30 times.

When Kirk told me who his ‘girlfriend’ was, I had to look her up.

You might remember her from season two of The O.C. She played Lindsay, a love interest of Ryan‘s.

She’s also appeared on Grey’s Anatomy as Amanda, the girl who George pushed out of the way of an oncoming bus.

George saved her life, but ended up losing his.

I think back to my freshman year of college when, in our tiny dorm room, my roommate Ericka and I sat on the edge of our desk chairs, a bowl of kettlecorn in between us, eagerly awaiting the start of a new episode of The O.C. I never could have imagined then that the guy who I would fall in love with the following year, would – a half decade later – end up kissing the girl that I was then watching on prime time TV.

A little weird, right? Here’s the evidence for any non-believers (a photo taken by my friend Ideene, who has spent the last month as a PA on Right Angle/Cripple):

Alright, technically this could be any chick with strawberry blonde hair, but really, it’s Lucio. And in the suit, playing her ‘hot-shot business exec’ boyfriend, is Kirk.

Standing at the top of this stairwell cuing Kirk for each take was Ideene. Ever a multi-tasker, she was also texting me the play-by-play of what was happening.

Ideene: He kissed her….. ahhhhh
Me: He kissed her?! Really?!
Ideene: Does it bother u?
Me: No I don’t mind. It’s legit. He’s getting paid for it. I suppose you could say that about a stripper too, but this is different.
Ideene: Yah figured. And I’m not into red heads.

It’s acting. How would you imagine Ryan Reynolds felt when Scarlett Johansson got all steamy with Bradley Cooper in He’s Just Not That Into You? I’m guessing probably a little awkward, but that’s the biz.

Now, if Kirk was supposed to do a sex scene, I might feel a little differently. There’s no way in hell I’d approve of only $8 an hour for that. ☼