“Twenty-five, eh?” my ‘little’ 22 year-old sister says to me. “How’re you feelin’ about that?”

Whether the question came from the psychology grad student eager for a human specimen, or the younger sibling taking a friendly jab at her now older sister, it has me thinking. Ruminating… over what I’ve done with my life up to this quarter-century milestone of age.

Which also gets me thinking how post-modernly emo the mid-twenties lament really is. Consider that John Mayer dedicated a whole song to it. (I know, John Mayer isn’t technically emo, but peel off the first layer of that palatable pop/rock sound and those seemingly down-to-earth lyrics, and underneath thrives an ocean of emotion.) Here’s a snippet from “Why Georgia”:

It might be a quarter life crisis
or just the stirring in my soul

Either way, I wonder sometimes
about the outcome
of a still verdictless life

Am I living it right?

Sure, I’m just as befuddled as the next 21st century post-grad who can’t keep a regular job or regular bed time to save her life. But, looking back on my years – particularly the last half-dozen in which I had to start making my own decisions and hold myself accountable for myself – they’ve been pretty darn good. I’ve traveled and dabbled in lots of endeavors. Shooting a documentary in Costa Rica to rehabbing a condo in Chicago, surfing in Australia to moviemaking in Michigan. Through it all, I still have a handful of great friends, a boyfriend who’s the best of friend, a kickass sister who’s off in New York becoming a PhD superstar and a set of amazingly understanding do-what-makes-you-happy parents.

Now, at terms with my past, I could jump face first into my future. The night before my birthday, Kirk and his parents took me out for dinner to the best pizza place in Ann Arbor: Cottage Inn. More interesting than the great pizza was the beverage I selected to accompany said pizza:

Ghettoblaster Beer at Cottage Inn

On my actual birth-day, a smattering of friends joined me at a sushi restaurant to celebrate. Everyone ordered a bunch of rolls and we shared them family-style. We tasted and raved, so good! and tasted more and wondered, slices of kiwi on sushi? weird… We drank Kirin Ichiban and saki and ate pistachio ice cream for dessert.

Birthday Dinner at Miki

Kirk, with such forethought (or so dirt cheap), saved a website listing birthday drink specials at bars in Ann Arbor. We planned to use this like a field trip itinerary for the night’s adventures.

Ann Arbor Bar Birthday Specials

That started off well and good at The Arena, but from there it was all about ambiance. We jumped to Cafe Habana, and finished at… well, I can’t actually recall.

Flaming Shot

It was a birthday to remember (if not in amazing detail), and a birthday thoroughly enjoyed, without a doubt. ☼