A three month break – to the day, actually, since my last post – and I’m diving headfirst back into blogging.

It’s been a rather unorthodox year so far. Kirk and I quit our jobs to live in Australia for five months. After we returned to Michigan in July, we worked on a movie starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore. There’s been lots of waterskiing and sailing (on beautiful Torch Lake and Lake Erie), too. And we grew tomatoes.

A big thank you and cross state hugs to Aunt Gwen. She gave us a bunch of tomato plants which we stuck in the backyard of TC & Michelle’s house (our current crash pad). Despite their initial lack of watering, our sad excuse for tomato cages (kabob skewers tied together with shoestrings), and repeated forced droughts while we were out of town for weeks on end, these little plants still managed some fruit. They’re even edible.

By the way… yes, I met Miley. But not like this: “Hi Miley! Nice to meet you, I’m Lauren.” No, definitely not. More like this: me, “Excuse me, can I get through?” (I have, Ahem, important PA duties to perform.) Miley, “Oh ya, sorry!”

Unforgettable right? More on all that film business stuff later…

Now what’s on the table for the rest of the year? Some ideas as of late:

  • Learning Spanish
  • Starting a media production company
  • Flying to New York to visit the Grad Student (of similar genetic material)
  • Moving to Colorado for ski season
  • Buying a rental property in Michigan (not with any of my piles of money, let’s be clear)
  • Flying to San Jose, CR to see two special people, a new baby and a dog called Rasta
  • …other suggestions?