Time to play some quick catch-up. Forgotten battery chargers and hot sticky hostels have hindered recent computer activity. No matter. It was all worth it, because now, here I sit, a spoiled brat. Nevermind all the creature comforts (which are nonetheless very much appreciated), it’s all about the view, baby. Waves of Pacific roll onto the beach stretching due south. To the west the lush hills of Manly mushroom with terra-cotta roofed houses. And sandwiched in between on the horizon lies Sydney Harbor. Unobstructed by wall-to-wall ceiling high glass, glass, glass. This is a place agreeable to creative productivity. If you can wrangle your gaze back to the laptop screen.

That’s Australia, but we have to finish up California first. I know, I know, but honestly, Kirk and I haven’t taken that many photos yet anyway, so there’s not that much to show. We’ve been too busy figuring out where we were going to eat and sleep and making sure our stuff wouldn’t be stolen than being concerned with using said stuff. (Camera, laptop, longboards, etc.) Besides, it’s been rainy. Quite rainy.


This was a pretty awesome little drive. Besides the rain. What is up with this rain?? We get to California and my poor sister, who’s with us for a week, sees probably two hours of total sunshine the entire time. Kirk and I get to Sydney, and its the same darn thing. Is the whole world having a flash flood or something? You have a crappy trip to Florida and people say, oh, you must have brought that northern weather with you! Ok, so you go from California to Australia and it’s like, oh! you must have brought that northern hemisphere weather with you! Yeah I don’t think so.

Enough about precipitation. I figured that the California coast would be sort of well-traveled, a bunch of towns, maybe some gas stations, what-not. Not really. The majority of coast between Santa Barbara and San Francisco is very comparable to New Zealand. A milder version, but still rugged. Very beautiful. We saw elephant seals – holy crap, they were huge. And stopped a few times to walk down to the water. We all had lots of fun kicking up the foam that gathered on the beach and playing chicken with the waves that came crashing through the archway.

The whole drive along Route 1 from Santa Barbara to San Francisco took an entire day, sunrise to sunset. We rolled into the parking lot of Julie’s apartment complex around 7pm and proceeded to acquire dinner. After milling about the perfectly manicured and poshly designed downtown Palo Alto, we managed to come to an agreement on Thai. Both Julie and Kirk ordered mango chicken and Kelly, coconut rice. Everyone shared their dishes. It was a delicious Thai buffet.

Then, bed. Next morning: San Francisco. ☼