This New Year’s was spent cozied up in a cabin in northern Michigan. TC and Michelle, Kirk’s friends since high school, invited us to join them. It was all single-digit temperatures, snowmobiling to the bar, playing Wii, sipping Bailey’s & coffee, and

The dogs.

TC’s mom spends a lot of time volunteering at a local animal shelter. Over the years she’s adopted quite the troupe of pooches into the family. She brought the whole gang up along with her to the cabin. I was in heaven, having four dogs around to pet and love, and Kirk was in allergy hell sneezing up a storm.

There’s Missy, a poodle mix well into her teens. She’s the sweetest thing but completely deaf, so you have to be careful when walking near her because she doesn’t know to avoid you.

Winnie is a spunky dachshund mix who commands the pack. Even though she’s the least in size and age, she takes no crap from anyone or any dog.

And then there’s Pugsly. Pugs is just plain special. Like a few kibbles shy of a full bag. He dribbles and drools and hangs his tongue out like a light fixture, but he has a heart double the size of his brain and only wants to snuggle with you.

This shot’s credit goes to Kirk: