Christkindlmarket Ornaments

…to be on the brink.

The brink of finding just the right gift. Of having just enough time. Of just getting it all done.

For me and Kirk, we’re on the brink of titanic change. In addition to the usual holiday madness, we’re shedding jobs and gaining boarding passes. Moving out of a two bedroom and into two suitcases. We’re throwing security- whatever that is – under a truck, and taking off for Down Under.

I’m going to miss Metropolis, my favorite coffeehouse.

Today, after seeing my jacket, the barista said to me, “You snowboard, hey?”
I said ya.
Ever been to Tyrol Basin?
Actually, yeah, I went to snowboard camp there when I was in high school.
Very cool.

Things are so familiar here in the Midwest, the people genuinely friendly. That’s why, despite how cool Australia is, I don’t think I could ever go expat. Besides, I kinda like my family.

Friday was Kirk’s last day of work, and Saturday was mine. And this past week has been full of parties:

Monday 14th: J. Alexander’s Holiday Party at Zella
Wednesday 16th: Manning Productions Holiday Dinner at Cyrano’s Bistro
Friday 18th: Kirk & Lauren’s Going Away Gathering at Duffy’s
Monday 21st: Melissa’s (co-worker) Birthday Dinner at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba

In addition to the holiday soirées, this was Hardcore-Hook-A-Renter week. With the slight drop in price, we’ve had a lot more foot traffic through the condo. When I ask how he (yes, all guys) had found about the place, the story was always the same: “Oh my fiancé/girlfriend/wife found the ad on craigslist. Said she loved the pictures.”

Typical. What can we say? We’re photographers. We make sh*t look good.

Problem is, these people show up – at least the first prospective tenant – and we get questions like, “So… where’s the rest of the place?”

Haha. Maybe our pictures were a little too nice.

Regardless, I’ve got another guy coming to look at 4pm today. His girlfriend called me out of the blue earlier this week, “Is it still available?!” she exclaimed. She was in Atlanta, soon to be moving to Chicago. “I already fell in love with it, but my boyfriend wants to come and see it. Is that OK?”

Sure sister. I think this couple might be the ones, although nothing’s a done deal until the cash is in hand. No matter how emphatically someone says aloud “YES I WANT IT!”, I still can’t hear you. The only true 100% affirmative is silent. Stack of green paper from me to you. Ah, you mean yes.

I’m so excited! I think it will all work out. All Kirk wanted for Christmas was the condo to be rented, and I hope Santa’s going to deliver. Then off we go… And when we get back?

TC & Michelle’s. They offered to have Kirk and me stay with them this summer after we get back from Australia. Their giant red house sits on a lake, in which floats a slalom course. Waterskiing it is, all summer!

Not to jump to New Year’s Eve toasts, but cheers to 2010, a year to be of Awesomeness.