Mettler Family Cab
2006 Mettler Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi
I bought a wine tasting gift certificate to Just Grapes – at a steeply discounted rate – from Groupon. When my parents came for a visit to Chicago in September, we cashed in on the good deal. The novelty of Just Grapes’ retail shop is their “automated self-serve tasting machine”. Push a button, and for 50 cents out comes a taste of your choice varietal. Mostly we stuck with the reds. My dad and I both fell for the Mettler Family Cabernet. As I haven’t had a glass of it since, it could have been pure first date enthusiasm. The more I raved about it, the more my dad raved, and spiraled we did into love for this cabernet. Despite only one tasting of this cab, I highly recommend it for its depth and complexity.

Now who sounds like a wine snob?