ZyrtecThe warm weather sure has sucked this season. It seems like we’re not getting any breaks this fall either. Indian summer? I’m not holding my breath.

In the spirit of making lemons into lemonade, I declare that I am grateful. Very appreciative, in fact, of the cool summer. And Zyrtec.

Yes, thank you, thank you, whacked out weather patterns and drug companies. It is my belief that the two of you together have made this year one of my most tolerant and comfortable – even pleasant – to have seasonal allergies.

Props to you too, Chicago. You paved, bricked, asphalted and generally lacking-in-vegetation oasis.

Only one day can I remember being kinda miserable. Sitting in my parents backyard, immersed in a pollen and ragweed bath, my daily dose of Zyrtec was just barely keeping me together. A lid on a bottle rocket. Watery eyes and sneezing, snot and tears everywhere – ick that wasn’t so good.

But honest to goodness, the rest of this season has been great. So, my advice is this. Do you have seasonal allergies? If so, immediately follow these steps:

1) Sell your house in the suburbs and move to the city.
2) Consider the Pacific Northwest, possibly Seattle. Lots of rain = much less allergy irritants.
3) Buy case of Zyrtec. I’ve tried them all: Allegra, Claritin, run of the mill Benadryl, but Zyrtec takes the cake. Fast acting proven relief. Oh and I take Zyrtec-D to ditch the decongestion. Hands down awesome stuff.