GL2 & MeLast week, via craigslist, I sold my beloved videocamera, a Canon GL2.

Unlike most of my computer electronics, little GL2 didn’t have a name. (i.e. My desktop computer – “Raja”.) Despite this lack of personalization, GL2 was a trooper. While Raja performed in the safety of the indoors, GL2 battled on the front lines, outside in the elements.

Beginning in the grassy field across from my freshman dormatory, GL2 started small, eloquently filming flowers for my very first video project for TC 240: Introduction to Digital Media. From there it moved up rapidly, shooting cutaways for MSU & U, the student television show of which I would eventually become producer. Football games, dance team practices, restaurant cameos, man on the street reports, to name a few, GL2 spanned the full gamut. Yet for these shoots it was only the side camera, the “B” cam – second best. The peak of GL2’s half-decade career was still yet to come.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, Kirk and I started shooting collegiate waterskiing. We combined our determination, our expertise, and of course, our equipment. I volunteered GL2 to be main camera. Ready or not, my little camera moved into the spotlight.

GL2 in the water

GL2 traveled all over the eastern half of the country. From Michigan to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, Kentucky and even Louisiana, it captured collegiate slolamers, trickers, wakeboarders and jumpers. It braved all kinds of weather, even the most dangerous for precious electronics: rain, and its horrible sidekick, humidity.

Remarkably, the GL2 pulled through every situation it was thrown into. That rainy footage? After being converted to black & white turned out to be some of the best. GL2’s 3 CCDs, compact size, bright LCD screen and hearty tape heads kept on truckin’.

Unfortuately, after college, GL2 sat alone. All day at the bottom of my closet it laid there unused and unappreciated. “You’re standard definition,” I told it. “I’m so sorry. Everyone’s using HD now!”

Before GL2 became completely worthless, I decided it needed a new home. A new owner to love it unconditionally for what it was: a fantastic prosumer standard-definition camera. (Having a few extra dollars for my upcoming trip to Australia wasn’t going to hurt either.)

GL2 on

I took some great portraits of GL2 with all its accessories fanned out around it on the countertop. I would be selling its case too – a classy little number that looked like it might carry a disassembled automatic weapon, or wads of cash.

Lots of replies arrived in my inbox, and even one guy who strung me out over a month of email correspondance only to end up emailing: “We can never seem to coordinate our schedules, maybe you should find someone else.” Hm, well thanks. Finally, a nice individual by the name of Michael G sealed the deal. He brought $1190 cash and whisked little GL2 off into the sunset.

Fond memories we had, me and GL2. I hope it will be capturing just as much or even more important and fantastic footage in its future. What’s in my future? Kirk is planning on buying a Canon 7D – an SLR that shoots full resolution HD. A shining star with lots of potential. One that could do double duty in Australia, shooting photos and video.

No doubt, I’ll be excited to adopt 7D and treat it as my own.

~ ~ ~

Below is a highlight reel of the third collegiate waterskiing DVD that Kirk and I created during our time at Michigan State. Take a walk down our memory lane:

Midwest DVD Highlight Reel from Lauren Schroeder on Vimeo.