Lizard spotted in the hotel gardens, near the pool.

After the catamaran brought us back from the Tortuga Islands, four of us kicked off our alternate plan. Instead of getting back on the tour bus to back to San Jose with the rest of the group, Julie, Hunter, John Mark and I took a private shuttle bus (pre-arranged by Julie) down the coast about 50km to the town of Jaco (HA-ko) – the surfing capitol of Costa Rica. We checked into a hotel, dragged our bags to our rooms, and crashed on the beds, exhausted from our day in the heat and sun.

The next day we took some bikes, courtesy of the hotel, to a nearby pulperia (convenience store). We bought bottled water and Powerade for the beach.

Hunter outside the pulperia.

Back to the hotel, and on to the surfing. Some guys under a tent were renting surfboards out for $10 a day. We each got our own board.

And the experiment began:

Bring it on.


I'm up!

Julie's ESPN shot of John Mark.

John Mark... surf's up, dude.

Getting the sand off.

Julie & Me

Julie & Me 2

The Crew

A few shots of the hotel & beach:

Hotel (Best Western) pool

Palm frond