This post has nothing to do with me really, other than the fact that I read it in the ‘letters to the editor’ section of WIRED magazine, and I believe it is the most excellent rant about spam email. It made me laugh, hope you like it.


Irate Letter of the Month
Note that came to us for no particular reason whatsoever but that we like anyway and reprint here verbatim:
A letter for publication. Please let me know promptly if there is some sort of problem publishing this in your next issue. I’m old, unwell, and won’t be around forever.
Dear Editor,
Today I received an electric mail from “Erection Problems” telling me that I had the apparently unique chance to make my “squib” a “real space rocket” and raise me up to “the seventh sky of the sexual satisfaction.”
Of all the impertinent things to offer a man.
We can put an alleged man on an alleged moon, but we can’t seem to protect ordinary, law-abiding chaps from great big stinking servings of crass opportunism and depraved filth whilst they try to eat their mid-morning muffin.
Who is responsible for this, and can they be punished immediately? Please advise.
Yours sincerely,
Oscar Brittle
Killara, Australia