On Sunday I went to home to my parents house in Wisconsin for a few days. I had to go see the optometrist for some new contacts, and hadn’t seen my family in a while. It’s always nice to go home. After I arrived, honey mustard salmon for dinner and blueberry coffeecake with ice cream for dessert. Of course I like coming home!

A family from our church have triplets, and my mom started babysitting for them right after they were born last year. It gives their mom, Sandy, a chance to go run a few errands, and – I can assume – a much needed break. I tagged along with my mom yesterday morning for a couple hours to watch all three girls: Hanna, Sara and Kayla.

My mom took some of me reading to them (as Kayla tried to tear the pages out of the book) and I took a couple close-ups of Hanna.