Yesterday, I turned 22. And then, once again today. Yesterday I got up and walked into the living room to where my flatmates wished me happy birthdays. Alice gave me a box of Cadbury chocolates and a gorgeous, colorful bunch of flowers. Today I hopped online to discover my Facebook friends in the western hemisphere had drowned my profile page with birthday wishes – be they friends who actually remembered that October 14th was my birthday or the more likely scenario: they signed onto the social dot com monstrosity to find a reminder conveniently informing them of the day’s minor significance. They then responded accordingly by dumping the hackneyed wish onto my ‘wall’ with some keystrokes and couple of clicks. How nice of them.

I don’t mind. Everyone’s so busy these days that Facebook messages have become the new Hallmark greeting cards. And if there were no Facebook or internet, I might not have received any happy birthdays at all, except of course from my Omi, who uses snail mail as often as the information superhighway, despite her ever-improving tech savvyness.

So, whether it was via Facebook, Skype, iChat, email, or an old-fashioned paper product requiring a stamp, thank you all very much for the Happy Birthdays.