In the last two months I have taken many, many photos during my travels. I’ve been back into the swing of ordinary things for a couple of weeks, but alas, have not posted any new photos.

Am I a slacker? Maybe. But I really do want to edit my photos and get them posted so I can show them off. Really. Just do it then, right? It can’t be that hard. Well, it isn’t, but it does require a decent amount of mildly intense trackpad labor.

So? What’s the big deal, you’re on the computer all day surfing the internet. That’s right, I do often spend a decent amount of time on my laptop (maybe not the whole day, but a fair share of time, yes.) Most of that time I spend talking on Skype or iChat, checking my email, looking around on the WWW, or playing poker (just recently, not for money, and not that often, promise). None of these activities, however, requires the intense, micro-precision mouse work as the editing of RAW photos demands.

Here inlies my plight. Over the past year I’ve used my mouse every day, for hours at a time, and often with the high-octane vigor of a video-game player. Except, I wasn’t playing video games, I was editing video footage. Since then I’ve developed some troubling pain in my right arm that starts in my fingers, shoots through my wrist, up my forearm, into my shoulder and occasionally pierces me in the back. Undoubtedly I’ve brought this discomfort onto myself by virtue of my rigorous work ethic. “Until this video piece is finished, I won’t stop for food, sleep or pain!” That wasn’t really my motto, but without realizing it, a handful of days during last semester I ended up doing just that.

Toughness doesn’t always procure rewards. In fact, I think I might have even inflicted irreversible damage in my hand. It’s a pretty hasty conclusion, but it’s unfortunately quite possible. Consequently, I’m taking a few weeks rest from photo editing and any other intense, repetitve tasks that agitate my hand. Furthermore, I apologize for the lack of recent photos. For your enjoyment and my health, I hope to have new ones posted soon.