Kelly flew into Auckland four days ago. At 6 in the morning, as we rolled her luggage out into the parking lot, New Zealand greeted my jet-lag weary sis with pouring rain. Spiteful.

The plan for Sunday had been to drive to the coast for some surfing, but the weather wasn’t having any of that. So instead, we headed in the opposite direction for the Waitomo Caves to take a black water rafting tour. Aside from the thrilling adventure of caving, the big fascination with Waitomo is found inhabiting the cavern ceilings — glowworms. After donning wetsuits, helmets, and rubber boots, descending down into darkness, and slopping through a network of underground rivers, we were able to see these creatures for ourselves. Hundreds radiated soft blue from above. They could’ve passed for LEDs. I became suspicious. What if they were just LEDs? Our tour guides halted us under a big group of the glowworms to tell us the tale of their existence. I lied back in my inner tube, hanging onto a shard of rock from the cave wall to prevent the hardy current from sweeping me down the tunnel, and squinted up at the ceiling to get a good look. After the worm’s life cycle had been recounted and the group began moving through the icy water further on into the cave, I climbed halfway up the wall to closely inspect these orbs of luminance. Were these things really…

Worms. Yep. Not LEDs, but real invertebrates, little translucent mealworm things. Mystery solved.
I reported my findings to Kelly. “They’re really worms. I just looked.”
“Thanks, I was really worried that it was all a big hoax.”
“Yea, like Santa Claus.”

Just kidding. My sister isn’t that little.