I’ve posted some photos on Flickr. So far there are only a few from my first couple days here; I’m in the midst of adding more from this past weekend. In the left sidebar I’ve added a Flickr Badge that will also take you to my photos.

On Saturday, with Theresa as my gracious tour guide, I explored some of Dunedin’s highlights on foot. Our jaunt started at the botanical gardens where we observed some native New Zealand flora, and were able to speak with Rocky the Cockatoo in the aviary.

“Hello Rocky,” I said through the wire to the big white bird with a yellow mohawk.
“Hullo, vwwaht’s up,” he replied.
“You’re a preetty bird.”
“Heeyah, Rocky.”
“Rocky, do you want a cracker?”


“Hullo, vwwaht’s up.”

Not much of a conversationalist, but Theresa and I both got a kick out of him. After the gardens, she showed me through her university’s campus. I took several photos in the library, the interior of which sports a very bold, yet cozy, modern design. I succeeded in embarrassing Theresa with the obnoxious snapping of my camera shutter, loudly declaring myself as an American tourist in front of a hundred studious Kiwis cramming for their exams. We soon left, plodding farther on to the city center. We walked inside the old train station, ornately decorated with curlicue wrought iron and meticulously crafted floor tiles. I touristly snapped more photos.

Four hours of walking and we were both ready to eat dinner… but make it ourselves? Heck no. On the way back to the flat, we stopped at Tokyo House for some chicken teriyaki for Theresa, and salmon sushi rolls for me.