It’s 7pm, and I’m sitting on Theresa’s bed, starting to type. I’m watching her try to pack up a year’s worth of stuff that she’s accumulated here at her flat. Posters and school books, dryer sheets and a clothes rack, cooler and hair straightener with a 240v plug. All casualties of a study abroad student; sometimes lucky enough to be passed on to the next foreigner to arrive, usually doomed to be hastily tossed in the rubbish bin.

On Tuesday, we’re going on a road trip. Theresa just finished her last exam for the semester, so now we’re freer than the wind. Take a look at our route here:

We’re considering dropping farther south towards Invercargill and then driving west along the coast, if we manage an early start.

The past few days have been pretty relaxed. I’ve spent a lot of time setting up ways to keep in touch with everyone at home, and then getting a kick out of using them (i.e. SkypeOut and iSight). SkypeOut lets me call US telephones from my computer for a few cents a minute. My dad doesn’t know about this yet, but I’m giving him a surprise phone call tomorrow for Father’s Day (which will cost me less than a quarter!). iSight, well, lets me make goofy faces at unsuspecting victims on the other side of the globe. Technology: swear at it when that dang computer program freezes up again, swear by it for letting you see (from 9,000 miles away) someone you love.